Hand Cream

Let's face it, it wouldn't be surprising to find peach-shaped products in Peach's handbag. Inside this fruit-shaped container we can find Peach's favourite hand cream that she religiously stands by.

When I'm racing on the kart tracks ... I always get callouses on my hands from handling all those turtle shells. This product is a life changer.
Princess Peach
regarding the hand cream

Face Powder

Rumour has it, Princess' unfazed appearance on the race course has been credited to a certain beauty product. The Peach Face Powder. It feels silky to the touch and smells like peaches and cream.

What can I say? it gets so -word retracted- hot in Bowser's castle! I need all the powder I can get to blot the sweat away.
Princess Peach
regarding the face powder


This signature creme blush has a multi-purpose. Blush, eye-shadow, war paint.

This blush gives me the perfect innocent look that makes all my opponents underestimate me! But of course, that soon changes as soon as the race starts.
Princess Peach<> regarding the blush
Hand Cream image


Is that the sun? Is that a lamp post? a lightening? No, it's Princess Peach's highlighter! This popular highlighter can be used on the top of the cheekbones to give dimension to the face.

Don't put this on the website but I use this highlighter to blind other racers as they pass by. It's technically not cheating... Right? Also, would you believe it if I inspired the packaging of this product? I was so flattered!
Princess Peach
regarding the highlighter


Most recent votes for the annual Wii Talk About It survey showed that Peach had the most genuine smile on this Kingdom! Let's take a look at the lipstick that gives her the extra oomph to her pout.

Genuine? Really? I must be getting really good at faking smiles. I dont know, it's just a lipstick, what more do you want me to say?
Princess Peach
regarding the lipstick
Lipstick image
Lipstick image 1
Lipstick image 2

Lip Tint

When Princess doesn't wear her lipstick or let her lips be au naturel, she chooses to wear her lip tint. A good choice for the summer.

This is a lip tint. Profound, I know.
Princess Peach
regarding the lip tint
Liptint image Liptint image 1 Liptint image 2

Nail Polish

Princess is rarely seen out without her iconic white gloves. However, underneath her pearly whites (her gloves, not her teeth) resides ten perfectly painted nails.

How much am I getting paid for this interview?
Princess Peach
regarding the nail polish
polish image polish image 1 polish image 2 polish image 3


Mushrooms are a type of boosters that can give any kart racer a helping hand in their race. they comes in different versions, each with their own level of strength.

I think everyone should have atleast one mushroom in their bag. It's practical and can get you out of situations ASAP. I might even use it right now!
Princess Peach
regarding the mushroom
Mushroom image

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